The Girl Behind the Madness

No one is ever just Black or White. We’re all different shades of  Grey.

No, I did not read The Fifty Shades trilogy, and I never will. Though I did read snippets of it, for well, you know.. Entertainment purposes…

Moving on.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? The name’s Farhana but I’ll be Farrafaye here, because, you know, it sounds soooo fucking magical and all that shit. Actually, yes. I sound like a fairy that way. Iam 18 this year (2013) and not any wiser than I was when I learned about the existence of sanitary pads (the horror!!!). This is my personal blog, where I shall write about my personal thoughts and views (which some who actually know me outside the cyber world will find  very disturbing.)

These are my views and thoughts as an individual and for those who disagree, feel free to get butthurt. And if you chose to state your opinion on said matter, be sure to present proper and logical rebuttals or so help me I will shoot you down the flames of hell and feed your roasted ass to the guard dogs of Hades. Are we clear on that? Thank you very much.

I am born and raised a Muslim (not much of a devout  though. Sue me.) from Sabah, Malaysia. My current hometown is Keningau, that tiny speck of land the Geography textbooks refer to as the driest place in Sabah. Fuck the textbooks, those were made during prehistorical times. If it rains, you’d think a shit load of the world’s ocean got dumped on us but if it shines, you could fry an egg on my oily forehead  the sidewalk and it’ll be ready in five seconds top.

I am aiming to be a writer and illustrator and manga artist and cafe owner. Not in that particular order though. Whichever happens first, happens. Whatever. I write short stories though. If you’d like to read one, click here. I’d love you forever if you’d click that. Seriously. I will. Now, go clickey clickey. Ehehe…

To find out more about me, try going through my posts. Maybe you’ll figure out who or what I am in reality, cuz believe me, I don’t have the answer myself. Well, till next time, baby. As a teenage girl, I’m off to Shoujo Mangaland~~

Fuck that. I’m going to read more shounen-ai. or Yaoi. Or both.


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