It’s ALL about the Moolahs Baby.

Oh, noeee~~

It’s nearing the elections. OMG. Elections, people!! Aren’t you excited?! We’ll be able to vote for our favourite personal banks leaders!!! I mean, look at everything they’ve given us? Aren’t we sooo glad for all the financial assistance? We have BR1M, PEOPLE! Five hundred MYR, JUST LIKE THAT.  For free. FREE.

Who in their right minds wouldn’t jump at the prospect of FREE money? Well, I know I will. And what about all these political campaigns sprouting like wild mushrooms after a rainy day all over town? I heard if you go to this certain campaign you’ll get… You guessed it right!! Free Moolahs baby!!

Hell yeah. Doesn’t matter, Governments, opposition, this is how they play. It’s all about the money. Cuz, you know. Money makes the world go round. Who cares if they don’t have a speck of political leadership, or integrity. Just flash out the colourful notes,and you’ll bet that’s the dude I’d want ruling my country.

And that’s how politics in this country works now. And we’re all just hungry little fishies, gathering and just waiting for those green pallets to rain down on us. In the end, integrity and political leadership took the back door. Or  flew out the window.


About farrafaye

My lifelong dream is to become a writer and opening a cute cafe i shall name Caramel Cafe (thus the name of the blog!). This is my journey, and it will be worthwhile!!
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