A sudden thought

   I just had this sudden revelation. Seriously. There i was, thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch and all these manga I’ve yet to finish reading and BAMM!! There we go. I think I’m gonna be an English Teacher. Seriously. My big bro is a TESL Student. My mom’s a teacher. My dad’s a lecturer. I just kinda thought… What if it actually runs in the family? The need to educate children into becoming fine adults who will contribute to society’s growth. Or the need to read kiddies’ essays and laugh my ass off at the sheer stupidity of their grammatical mistakes. 

   Anyway. I’ve never had anything to be proud of except for my English essays. I mean, it’s not the best out there, but it was good enough. I never had marks below 90. That has to count for something. So, what if, I was meant to teach English? 

   I can imagine the horror though. I pity those poor souls having to sit through my classes while I try to act like one of those hip young teachers who knows practically EVERYTHING to know about life. Yes, I had an English teacher who was like that, though there was nothing pretentious about her. Yup. Miss Allison was the best teacher in the world. The freaking greatest. 

   Dude, she was like that old dude teacher from the movie Triumph. Inspirational? Yes. Hell yes. It was like she knew every fucking thing in the whole wide world. Now I just wish I had her Facebook or something. She hid it cuz, well. She’s a young teacher, and honey, when you’re young, you do shit that goes beyond the limits of modern society. Haha. And teachers are supposed to be someone you look up to, because they teach you stuff and educate you into becoming a fine contributor in society. Parents don’t want teachers who go out partying with friends till midnight. Oh noee, that’s just wronggg. Cuz that would be such a bad bad example for the innocent young minds who know nothing of the world.

   Well, I guess I could keep it as a career option if nothing better comes along. But don’t expect me too suddenly denounce my fangirl identity in the manga world. I still love my Yaoi. I will keep my creepy otakuness.


What will I do without my daily dose of swoon worthy bishies? 

*shudders and dies.

Well,my ramblings are done. Till next time, honey. 



About farrafaye

My lifelong dream is to become a writer and opening a cute cafe i shall name Caramel Cafe (thus the name of the blog!). This is my journey, and it will be worthwhile!!
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