It’s ALL about the Moolahs Baby.

Oh, noeee~~

It’s nearing the elections. OMG. Elections, people!! Aren’t you excited?! We’ll be able to vote for our favourite personal banks leaders!!! I mean, look at everything they’ve given us? Aren’t we sooo glad for all the financial assistance? We have BR1M, PEOPLE! Five hundred MYR, JUST LIKE THAT.  For free. FREE.

Who in their right minds wouldn’t jump at the prospect of FREE money? Well, I know I will. And what about all these political campaigns sprouting like wild mushrooms after a rainy day all over town? I heard if you go to this certain campaign you’ll get… You guessed it right!! Free Moolahs baby!!

Hell yeah. Doesn’t matter, Governments, opposition, this is how they play. It’s all about the money. Cuz, you know. Money makes the world go round. Who cares if they don’t have a speck of political leadership, or integrity. Just flash out the colourful notes,and you’ll bet that’s the dude I’d want ruling my country.

And that’s how politics in this country works now. And we’re all just hungry little fishies, gathering and just waiting for those green pallets to rain down on us. In the end, integrity and political leadership took the back door. Or  flew out the window.

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A sudden thought

   I just had this sudden revelation. Seriously. There i was, thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch and all these manga I’ve yet to finish reading and BAMM!! There we go. I think I’m gonna be an English Teacher. Seriously. My big bro is a TESL Student. My mom’s a teacher. My dad’s a lecturer. I just kinda thought… What if it actually runs in the family? The need to educate children into becoming fine adults who will contribute to society’s growth. Or the need to read kiddies’ essays and laugh my ass off at the sheer stupidity of their grammatical mistakes. 

   Anyway. I’ve never had anything to be proud of except for my English essays. I mean, it’s not the best out there, but it was good enough. I never had marks below 90. That has to count for something. So, what if, I was meant to teach English? 

   I can imagine the horror though. I pity those poor souls having to sit through my classes while I try to act like one of those hip young teachers who knows practically EVERYTHING to know about life. Yes, I had an English teacher who was like that, though there was nothing pretentious about her. Yup. Miss Allison was the best teacher in the world. The freaking greatest. 

   Dude, she was like that old dude teacher from the movie Triumph. Inspirational? Yes. Hell yes. It was like she knew every fucking thing in the whole wide world. Now I just wish I had her Facebook or something. She hid it cuz, well. She’s a young teacher, and honey, when you’re young, you do shit that goes beyond the limits of modern society. Haha. And teachers are supposed to be someone you look up to, because they teach you stuff and educate you into becoming a fine contributor in society. Parents don’t want teachers who go out partying with friends till midnight. Oh noee, that’s just wronggg. Cuz that would be such a bad bad example for the innocent young minds who know nothing of the world.

   Well, I guess I could keep it as a career option if nothing better comes along. But don’t expect me too suddenly denounce my fangirl identity in the manga world. I still love my Yaoi. I will keep my creepy otakuness.


What will I do without my daily dose of swoon worthy bishies? 

*shudders and dies.

Well,my ramblings are done. Till next time, honey. 


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~Cruising through my Life~

are you one amongst themOften, we make choices; a few unsure ones too.

The ones we don’t know where it leads to.

The ones which may be deciding a course of our lives. Or may turn our careers in 180 degrees.

The ones we later – either boast or regret.


But my question is, are you one amongst them? Are you in the rat race? Did you take the road less traveled? Or are you aping someone else’s decisions too? Or someone else making your decisions?

Population status of this planet is soaring as I type this, what I wonder is, am I one in a million or just, you know, one in a million?

How do you know? How do I know?

Then I think of our unsung heroes, the ones who died fighting for a cause, the ones who did not get the media/critic acclaim. Or the ones who got an Oscar/Nobel…

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Who the heck likes Valentine’s Day? You know, the most commercial, AND emotionally loaded, AND consistantly disappointing, AND painfully corny of all “holidays.”

I know I didn’t. I didn’t like it at all. When I was a single teenager, I found it stupid.  When I was a coupled young adult, I found it stupider. But these last few years as a single young adult? WELL. That’s a different story.

Now, I proudly enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here’s why you should, too:

  1. If you want to watch something romantic and cheesy, you’re TOTALLY ALLOWED. In fact, it’s festive.
  2. If you want to watch a kickass action film, you can to that too. In fact, you’ll look pretty ironic and awesome.
  3. Your excuse to host a fondue party IS RIGHT NOW.
  4. Valentine’s Day memes are fantastic.
  5. You can dress cutesy. Or sexy. Or wear red/pink/purple/hearts in the most shameless way possible and…

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This was actually based on my childhood memories, though it did get exaggerated here and there..

The Caramel Cafe

   When she was a child, Ana rarely asked for anything from her mom. Maybe she had everything she wanted. Maybe she didn’t want anything. Maybe she didn’t know how to ask. Ana was just the way she was. 

   One day, her teacher told her to take good care of her text books.

” Wrap the covers with plastic sheets. That way, they won’t get dirty. Ask your parents to buy you some. Make sure you get it done by next week, or you’ll have to pay a fine.”

   So, Anna asked her mom, who she always thought was less busy than her dad.

“Okay, dear, I’ll buy some tomorrow,” her mom replied, though at that time she was busy marking her students’ papers. Anna was happy. Now, her text books won’t get dirty. But the days went by, and soon, next week became tomorrow. Her text books…

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